Thursday, February 2

Mic Check.

Halu haluu… My last post was 5 month ago? Wahaha..

Macam-macam sampah dah bersepah kat blog aku yang tak seberapa ni.

Aku malas nak tulis in Engrish sebab aku malas.

Rasa cam nak tutup je blog ni sebenarnya sebab my life is not that interesting or penuh dengan drama dah. *Oops ter-Engrish pulak..*

To summarize from 5 month ago, my work life is stable now although now aku dah pandai melawan cakap supervisor kalau aku rasa argument mereka amat lah invalid. Kalau dulu, ikut aje.. Sekarang persetankan semua itu. Selagi aku buat kerja aku, they can’t do anything.

Reason to tutup blog pon because I can’t commit to writing blog when I work, and if I am at home, there’s practically nothing to write about. Hahaha..

Nanti la. Kalau rasa cam hidup menarik bukak la kot blog baru. Tengah memerah idea utk dimasukkan dlm blog aku yang kaler cam dinding tak cuci 15 tahun.

Tuesday, August 16

In the state of confusion

This is all words, just a reminder.


What have I done to deserve as a person in this situation?

Am I not deserved eternal happiness throughout my life?

Why am I just a substitute? A substitute to your boyfriend who was not there for you. For weeks. And I listen to all your problems, your cries, your sadness.

And suddenly, when your boyfriend come back, you leave me like I’m a pile of shit? WHY? What have I done to you to deserve such treatment?

Really pisses me off right now. For months I’ve told you about not to talk about him. And yet you just know how to fuck up my life. And for once, you never say that you’re sorry.

I now really hate to be a listener. Thanks to you. Because I don’t know what good can come out for me. I know that I can’t expect something in return but hey, everyone needs something.

But YOU. My feelings toward you now: PISS OFF!

Tuesday, July 5

Running Man


런닝맨 is the best variety shows I’ve ever seen.

In term of mini games, the chasing game, 1 vs all members, the members and guest stars. It’s all make up into a good show.

Back at Changi Village, I managed to download at least 2 episodes in one day.

Now, I can hardly manage to download even one per day.


For info on Running Man, click here

Saturday, July 2


Hotness Level : 200%
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Tuesday, June 28

Things I’ll Miss

Just one day after leaving Changi, I miss being there already.

The warmth of people really wants me to have a life there.

Changi Village Hotel also provide the best accommodation for me and others during our three-week stays. They treated us like kings.

I miss Singaporean’s drivers who stopped everytime there are people on the zebra-crossing.

I miss Arab Street

I miss Marina Bay Sands

I miss Botak’s

I miss 89.7 Supper Club

I miss the buffet food in the hotel

No more “Seafood on Ice” ,  “Honey-Baked Chicken with Longan”, “Hash Brown”, “Ice-cream” everyday, “Fish Fillet”, “Mutton Chop”, “Beef Steak”, “Sauté Broccoli”, “Apple, Blueberry, and Banana Crumbles”

Lists above is the everyday eating-list on the buffet dinner. Haha.

But apart from all that,



Sad smile 

Must go there again and hope for the best! LOL Winking smile

Thursday, April 28


Hello, it’s me again. There’s so much to blog but the only time and mood I have as of now is to write review of movies.

What’s TIWAW you asked?

TIWAW stands for : Things I Watched And Want to Write

This segment will definitely flowing as there are a lot of movies and series I watched.

To proceed…. Take a look at the first ever TIWAW!


Ratings : 79/100

I am really biased and generous here because I’m a really huge fan of Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman so yeah, sue me!

Why 79? Why not 99?

As expected from romantic comedy genre, not much plot or conflict between the two lead roles while the movie is a straightforward and audience can really expect what will be the ending. BLUERGH! Addition to that, the plot seem jumpy from one to the other but we don’t really care about it too much, do we? *and I still bother writing to bunch of strangers but hey, it’s my blog!*

However, I love how Natalie Portman acts the character. She can be a bitch whom I really love, and be lovey-dovey, whom I really love as well.

This movie is really suitable for anyone who can stand the excessive usage of profanity, sex etc.

Well, that’s it for now from TIWAW! Hahahaha!

Monday, April 18

I’ve Learn a new WORD!é [ adj., v., ebwA´ ]


1. Stupid or clueless boy: "Hey! You're an Eboué"


1. Terrible football player, esp. defending on the last minute: "If you ebouéd like yesterday's game, you cannot play football with us anymore."